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Time left - 9am

Time finished - 150pm

Time took - 4 hours 50 mins.

Distance 20 Kms/12.5 Miles.

Obstacles - The paths were of a reasonable state from the start to  just after John O'Groats. At Huna there is vehicle scrapyard also, there is seaweed on the rocks bit further on, after that some of the embankments are collapsed in various locations. This is why half the route is a road walk to Gills Bay. You can however walk along the Foreshore but, care should be taken when walking along the boulders etc. It will take slightly longer of course.

East of the Castle of Mey there is a Gorse Field which is near St John's Point which has grown a lot since the last time I walked there. I have found a way through it, will get landowners permission to place Markers/Posts as soon as possible.


Due to finding that the path/track from St John's Point at 31093 74555 to Castle of Mey has eroded and the stone walls collapsed and unsafe I have had to look at another route for this area. There is a path leading from St John's Point to the corner of the B Road proceed to the gate at 31163 74445 then make your way along the B Road/Track to 29347 74555 this will get you back onto the Way. I

Regarding the Gorse field there will be no need to go through it.



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